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Learn advantages of becoming a certified partnering provider

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Your relationship with local flooring retailers is key to the success of this program. You've likely figured there should be a way you as a service provider and your local retailers could work together. Now we give you a reason to form that partnership.

By providing a warranty on flooring products to consumers at the time of purchase, consumers realize the need to preserve their investment. By making the warranty "no cost" to the consumer, they perceive added value and believe the program is in their best interest. We've made it easy for retailers too – including the warranty as a free value-added service helps them make the sale to the consumer.

When you're reaching out to your local retailers, be sure to keep these points in mind and use them as reasons why they should become partnering retailers with you:

Service Provider

The My Flooring Warranty® Program is designed to prolong the life of a consumers flooring purchase -- often one of the largest investments they make in their life and certainly in their home.

Service Provider

The terms of the warranty program are simple:

  • Consumers validate and activate the warranty online
  • They are given access to the warranty document
  • They are given simple cleaning instructions and a special stain-removing solution which will address 95% of all common stains and mishaps
  • They are required to get an annual cleaning by a qualified and registered floor-cleaning service provider in order to maintain the terms of the warranty
  • Any stains or spills not taken care of by the special stain-removing solution are covered under the terms of the warranty

Service Provider

Retailers enter the consumer's data (name, address, purchase date, etc.) into the My Flooring Warranty® web site through an easily accessed web portal.

Service Provider

Follow-up with the consumer is done by you, the service provider, allowing the retailer to avoid warranty calls and scheduled fulfillment of the warranty's terms.

Now you have some selling points to communicate when approaching your local flooring retailers. The concept of the program is simple and we've designed it to be easy for the retailer to do their part.

Service ProviderReady to get started? The sign-up process is easy. Take the next step and get started to growing your business today.

Providence Inc. reserves the right to refuse enrollment by anyone into the My Flooring Warranty® Program where it appears to Providence Inc. that a potential conflict of interest may exist.

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