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One of the hardest parts of running a cleaning business is figuring out how to make contact with the consumers to whom local retailers have sold flooring.

The My Flooring Warranty® Program shows you how to approach those retailers and then build and maintain a strong relationship with them.

Through the program, you'll gain access to information about local homeowners in need of regular flooring service and discover how being a partnering provider will bring a constant stream of customers to your business.

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Discover importance of offering My Flooring Warranty to consmers


Consumers certainly have many choices when it comes to purchasing flooring for their home. And with that purchase being one of the largest investments a homeowner will make, it makes sense that they should want to protect the value of their new flooring and preserve its longevity and wear.

The My Flooring Warranty® gives flooring retailers an advantage over their competition. As a no-cost, value-added service, consumers love the peace of mind such a program provides. And a happy customer means less headaches later.

Find out how retailers and professional service providers work together as a team to service homeowners who've purchased new flooring. Get the details on just how simple activating the warranty for consumers is for sales staff.

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Realize the value of My Flooring Warranty


It's one thing for you to take advantage of this industry-leading warranty program, but what you also need is the training, sales strategies and tools that will supplement this program and help you to grow your business.

From training videos to online sessions to downloadable flyers detailing the program's advantages and ease of use, we've got what you're looking for. Take a look at what becoming a partner will get you.

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