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Learn advantages of becoming a certified partnering provider

Service Provider

You're looking for an advantage over your competition when it comes to selling new flooring to homeowners. The My Flooring Warranty® Program can give you that advantage!

Designed to provide you with a high-value, no-cost service to offer to your customers, the My Flooring Warranty® Program helps to protect the investment your customers are making in their home's flooring. Developed as a process that is easy to set-up and maintain, your customers will appreciate the value-added service you are offering -- at no cost! -- and longterm care for their flooring they'll receive.

The program is easy to get started and implemented in your store. See these pages on our site for more information:

Program Details

The program has only three steps to it and just one of those requires your store sales staff to do anything (other than offer the warranty, of course). Learn more about this great program and the why it's the one flooring care warranty you'll want to sign up for.

Find a Service Provider

Key to this unique program is the partnership you'll develop with qualified and registered partnering service providers. You may already have some that you work with -- and why not get them signed up to the program too? If that's the case, we'll work with you and service provider to get started on the program so you can start offering it to your customers.

Otherwise, if you don't work with any local service providers, you can do a quick search for any in your area that are already using the My Flooring Warranty® Program and will help you get signed up.

Make an Inquiry

We think the details of the program are pretty simple. But, they're might be a question or suggestion you have about the program that you'd like to ask. No problem. Simply go here and ask away.

Find out more details about the program.


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