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We think the My Flooring Warranty® Program is pretty easy to understand. After all, we've taken a business concept that we've worked out with dozens of flooring retailers, put it through it's paces, and then refined it into one of the best retail referral programs available to the industry. However, we're running into a few frequently asked questions that we didn't anticipate in our presentations. Here they are, along with the answers.

Just click on a question below to see its answer right below the question (you can click the question again to "hide" its answer).

Q. When we sign up for the program, can a certain area be designated a "protected" territory?

Q. How can I lock down my market with all of the local flooring retailers?

Q. Which flooring retailer should I approach first?

Q. Can another service provider come along and steal my retailer away?

Q. What if a retailer has more than one location? Are my monthly fees multiplied?

Q. How many spot and spill service warranties should I expect to be required to perform free of charge with each retailer?

Q. How often am I notified of a new residential carpet sale from my retailer?

Q. Am I limited to the number of flooring retailers I can partner with?

Q. Do my monthly fees start right away once I sign up?

Q. What if I already have a great relationship with a flooring retailer? Do I still need to do this program?

Q. Does My Flooring Warranty® guarantee my success in getting a flooring retailer?

Q. What if I don't know a single flooring retailer yet?

Q. What about oriental rugs, hard surfaces (i.e. ceramic tile and grout), wood and stone? Are there any plans to offer warranties on these surfaces in the future?

Q. Why do you recommend the print support material on you ecommerce site so strongly?

Q. I've noticed that some of the biggest names within our industry have personally endorsed this program. Do any of these public endorsements have an interest in, or receive any compensation for their endorsement?

Q. What is the sign-up process and how long will it take to get me up and running?

Q. Is there any training or support that you'll give my retailers about this program?

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