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Online training webinars
Online training webinars

Online resources to get you working with the My Flooring Warranty Program

Jump right into the My Flooring Warranty® Program with a growing library of video and other presentation support materials. We're making it easy for Service Providers enrolled in the My Flooring Warranty® Program to get out there and sign-up partnering flooring retailers. Take a look at these resources we've made available!

To view this video on an Apple iPad, the easiest way will be to go to this page (myflooringwarranty.com/presentation-support.html) in your iPad's Safari browser, then tap the embedded YouTube video to have it launch in your iPad's YouTube app.


Download the PDF ebook of the "An Introduction to the My Flooring Warranty® Program"
Just click here to download the PDF of our tabletop flipchart that explains everything your retailer needs to know about the My Flooring Warranty® Program.

After you've downloaded the file, on the Apple iPad or iPhone or other Mac OS device, just select the option to open it in iBooks. The file will be downloaded into the iBooks app, ready to open and view as an ebook.

On your Windows PC or Android- or Windows-based smartphone, simply save the file in a convenient location for later viewing.

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