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The idea for the My Flooring Warranty® Program came to me in 2009. It stemmed from my frustration with other companies' marketing attempts to flooring retailers that always seemed to change direction, break deadline promises and create delays. Over and over, these failed programs consistently seemed to leave the service company behind.

As years of broken promises and delays came and went, I became increasing involved on behalf of service companies everywhere. I was determined to find the perfect process so they could effectively partner with flooring retailers in a unique and systematic manner. The intent was a program designed to increase both the service company's and retailer's exposure and strengthen their positions in the marketplace, all the while improving the consumer's experience with the manufacturer, retailer and the service company.

The model I designed and perfected was based on independent -- though joint -- ownership of consumer's information, and connecting the dots in the home flooring purchase, ownership and maintenance process.

The challenge
Developing the My Flooring Warranty Program® presented a number of challenges that needed to be overcome if the program was to be widely adopted by both retailers and service companies. Specifically, the Program

  • needed to be easy to use for both the service company and especially the retailer,
  • needed to create an environment that showcased and capitalized on the strengths of both participants, and was beneficial to everyone involved,
  • demanded a strong necessity to protect the integrity of the consumer information, and
  • required a system that worked as automatically as possible.

The vision
Once the challenges were identified, putting together a vision for the My Flooring Warranty® Program was easy. What was needed was a system that:

  • acted as a conduit between the flooring retailer, the consumer and the service company,
  • was dedicated to achieving that unique and professional relationship with each consumer while anticipating their needs in advance,
  • positioned the retailer and service company in a careful and systematically orchestrated approach during that critical stage of the consumer's experience, and
  • was designed to achieve instant results that could be measured and would change how service companies and retailers saw each other moving forward.

Partnering with retailers
Your relationship with local flooring retailers is key to the success of this program. There is NOTHING you can do that will effectively change your company so quickly as to develop these partnerships. This will always be a "relationship building business."

The My Flooring Warranty® Program can help you understand the unique challenges retailers face. The program will demonstrate that you have many solutions to their most frustrating problems. If you can say "hello" to flooring retail owners while having confidence in your company, trust in your staff and knowing in your heart you're the best choice they could make, then there is nothing left to do but get going. If you can't, then my suggestion is find something to do that you can feel this way about.

The impact this Program WILL have
As I said before, there is NOTHING you can do that will more positively impact your company than gathering information on who is purchasing flooring right now and managing that information for the future growth of your business. You will see instant results and referrals from your retailer partners starting day one. We know how this works, we're doing it every day and have done it for years now.

We still have every single retail partner we ever started with, not one has left our program.

Whether you're a service company or a retailer, we think you can see the need for a program like My Flooring Warranty®. Now. let's take a look at the program details. Service companies should click here for information on the program from their perspective, while retailers will appreciate the program from this perspective.

John W. Mapes, Director of Development, Providence, Inc.

P.O. Box 527 • DeKalb, Illinois 60115 • Tel (815) 895-9911 • Fax (815) 780-9939 • E-mail ClientCare@MyFlooringWarranty.com

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